E-languages was founded in 2010 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

This city is an educational hub hosting some of the top post-secondary institutions like Queens University, Royal Military College of Canada and St. Lawrence College.

E-Lan is a visionary organization with several years of experience teaching languages online. We are lucky to have professional, strong and multidisciplinary team contributing every day to improve our services.We strongly believe in our approach to teach languages, based on a full immersion supported by talented, professional teachers, coaches and instructors.

We are convinced that in the language training field you must improve your methods continuously as well as develop change management plan to offer to our clients better and more innovative services which can fill their needs.


“We help people to communicate with people in different languages by providing a unique learning approach combining professional language instructors and technology”.


“To become the number one online languages school in the Canada providing high quality language training instruction live supported with cutting edge internet technology in the languages education field “.

Educational Model

All our programs have been developed based on the educational model “Integrated Skills” which uses the four main English skills (writing, speaking, listening, and reading comprehension) in different real-life situational topics. We also utilize a full immersion setup focusing on the interaction with our teachers, tutors, and instructors to reinforce vocabulary development, listening, pronunciation, and speaking.

Our delivery approach is “Blended Learning”. This is a hybrid setup including static elements (Access 24/7 to a Learning Management System with several self-corrected exercises, an App) and dynamic elements (Online-live Zoom classes and tutoring sessions).