Interactive E-Lan

Interactive E-lan

This is our rock star program. It is organized into eight levels. Three beginners, three intermediate, and two advanced. Our last level is called English Proficiency. We have signed an agreement with a post-secondary organization that will validate our program. Therefore, at the end of eight-level you will receive a Certification of Completion from the Northern Lights College in British Columbia.

Each level is organized in 12 weeks with online-live classes every day. You also will need to complete the exercises offered in the Learning Management System, and try to use the App as often as possible. At the end of each level, you will need to take a final level test and obtain a mark of 80 points to pass into the next level.

Getting the Certificate of Completion from the Northern Lights College will give you direct access to most of the College Programs directly without a language assessment.

Interactive E-Lan Beginner

Interactive E-Lan Intermediate

Interactive E-Lan Advanced

Program Organization

Interactive E-LanCEFR Cambridge LevelsOnline live classes per monthTotal of WeeksTotal Hours per LevelMaximum of Students
Level 1A1KET (Key English Test)201212012
Level 2A1 / A2KET (Key English Test)2012120 – 16012
Level 3A2 +PET (Key English Test)201212012
Level 4B1PET (Key English Test)201212010
Level 5B1+ / B2FCE (First Certificate in English)2012120 – 16010
Level 6B2 +CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)201212010
Level 7C1CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)201212010
Level 8 – English ProficiencyC1 / C2CAE (Certificate in Advanced Enlish)201212010

*At the end of level 8 and if you get a mark at least of 80. we will issue a Certificate of Completion from our partner the Northern Light College from British Columbia, Canada and another one from E-Languages Canada.

Level 8 includes two full weeks of Speak Now Program.