Less Beginner 3-1

Lesson 3

Read the following dialogue

Angelo:  Sonya, I would like to introduce you to my friend Charles.
Sonya: Pleased to meet you, Charles.
Charles: I think we’ve already met.
Sonya: I don’t think we’ve met.
Charles: Are you an actor?  I saw you on stage in New York.
Sonya: No, I’m not an actor!
Charles: What do you do?
Sonya: I am a student. Are you from New York?
Charles: No, I’m not from New York. I’m from Ottawa.
Sonya: Is Ottawa in The United States?
Charles: No, it isn’t.  It’s the capital city of Canada!

Are these sentences true or false

1. Ottawa is in Canada.

2. Sonya is a teacher.

3. New York is the capital of Canada.

4. Angelo is from The United States.

5. Charles is meeting Sonya.   

6. Charles is on stage.


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