Less Beginner 3-5

Lesson 3

Reading: A Letter Home

Read the letter Sonya has sent her mother. Answer the questions below.
Dear Mom,
I am writing from a café.  It is very nice.  I like Toronto very much.  Canadians are very nice people.  They are not rude at all. I’m with my friend Hyun. She’s Korean, but everyone thinks she’s Chinese. She always tells people, “I am not from China! I am from Korea! I am Korean!” It’s very funny. Her face is red. She is very upset.   When people ask where I’m from, I tell them to guess.  They always guess, “Are you from Mexico?” “Are you from Cuba?” “Are you from Spain?” I just laugh and say “No, I’m from Brazil!”  But I am not upset like Hyun. I think it is funny!

Love Sonya

1.Is Sonya in a café?

2.Is Sonya upset?

3.Is Hyun upset?

4.Are Canadians rude?

5.Is Sonya from Mexico?

6.Is Hyun’s face blue?

7.Is Hyun Chinese?

8.Are Hyun and Sonya friends?


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