Lesson 1

Jake is talking about his life. Put the correct past participles in the gaps.

I have (see) a lot of beautiful places in my life, and I have (do) a lot of interesting things. I have 3) (travel) in North and South America, for example.  I have 4) (visit) all the big American cities. I have 5) (drive) across Mexico. I have not (be) to Argentina, but I have (work) in Peru and Bolivia. I have (stay) in expensive hotels and in very cheap hotels! I have (swim) in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean sea. I have (write) thousands of postcards to my family! I have 11) (eat) in the best restaurants in Paris, and I’ve (sing) Italian songs in Rome. I have (have) seven or eight holidays in Spain, and I have (live) in Portugal. I have not 15) (make) much money in my life, but I have (meet) a lot of interesting people and I have (take) a lot of wonderful photographs!