Less Elementary 10-3

Lesson 10

Complete the sentences. Use be going to and the given expressions (or your own words).

Call the manager
Call the police
Get something to eat
Go to the beach
Go to bed

Go to the bookstore
Go to an Italian restaurant
Lie down and rest
Look it up in the dictionary
Major in psychology

See a dentist
Stay in bed today
Take a long walk in the park
Take it to the post office
Take them to the laundromat

  1. I need to buy a book. I _am going to the bookstore_____.
  2. It’s midnight now. I’m sleepy. I

  3. Sue is hungry. She

  4. My clothes are dirty.  I

  5. I have a toothache. I

  6. I’m writing a composition. I don’t know how to spell a word.  I

  7. George has to mail a package. He

  8. It’s a nice day today. Mary and I

  9. Sue and I want to go swimming. We

  10. I have a headache. I

  11. It’s late at night. I hear a burglar. I .
  12. I want to be a psychologist. When I go to university, I.

  13. I feel terrible. I think I’m getting the flu.  I
  14. Ivan and Natasha wasn’t to go out to eat. They.
  15. Rosa lives in an apartment. There’s a problem with the plumbing. She



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