Less Elementary 3-2

Lesson 3

Put where, when, why, what, who or how in the gaps.

Example:   Where are you going?  – To the shops.

  1. are you leaving? à  At six o’clock.

  2. does she take a taxi to work? à Because she doesn’t have a car.

  3. did they go to France? à By boat.

  4. is he studying Spanish? à Because he wants to work in Spain.

  5. is that man over there? à He is the security guard, James.

  6. is a notebook? à It is a book that you can write in.

  7. do you have breakfast? à At half past seven.

  8. is the restaurant? à On Carelton Street.

  9. is the owner? à Kyle Deeger.

  10. are you feeling today? à I have a headache.

  11. did she buy? à She bought a new stapler.

  12. did she buy that dictionary? à In the bookshop.

  13. did Pam go to the police? à Because she lost her passport.


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