Lesson 4

Complete the sentences with compound words.

1) She said but I didn't understand anything.
2) Has found  my blue pencil? No, I'm sorry.
3) Would help me, please? Yes, I can help you.
4) Have you got  to eat? No, I haven't.
5) Tom, can you give me to drink, please?
6) Is there in the house? No, it's deserted.
7) Do you know about London transport? No, I don't.
8) What's wrong? "There’s in my eye."
9) Would you like to drink? Yes, please.
10)  has broken the window. I don't know who.
11) He didn't say .
12) I'm looking for my keys. Has seen them? No, I'm sorry.
13) Teach me exciting.
14) I didn't eat because I wasn't hungry.
15) Dad, can we go on Sunday? Yes, what about going to the zoo?