Less Elementary 6-5

Lesson 6

Put but or so in the blanks to connect the first part of the sentence with the second. 

The film was very long,        _but_ it was interesting.

                            so_ we got home late.

  1. The restaurant is very expensive,

    the food is terrible.

    only rich people go there.
  1. I’m studying hard, 

    I don’t have much free time.

    I’m not making much progress.


  1. I’ve got her address,

    I can write to her.

    I haven’t got her phone number.
  1. We wanted to swim,

    we went to the seaside.

    the sea was too cold.


  1. They didn’t have any money,

    they wanted to eat in the restaurant.

    they couldn’t go to a restaurant.


  1. I lost my bag,

    I went to the police station.

    I found $10 in my pocket.



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