Less Elementary 7-5

Lesson 7

Read the story and circle the correct form.

Phillip can’t stand (to clean, cleaning)

his apartment. He always avoids (to vacuum, vacuuming)

it and waits until his roommates do it. On the other hand, he loves (to cook, cooking)

and usually makes a big mess when he does it. When he plans (to have, having)

visitors, he enjoys (to buy, buying)

lots of expensive ingredients and (to make, making) 6)

very delicious food. One problem is that he is an alcoholic and prefers (to be, being)

drunk when he’s cooking. Sometimes he forgets (to look, looking)

when he is using knives and cuts himself. When he is done cooking, he never remembers (to clean, cleaning)

up the kitchen, so the place gets invaded by cockroaches. After he has a dinner party, he avoids (to come, coming)

home for a few days because he doesn’t want (to see, seeing)11)

his roommates, who he knows resent (to clean, cleaning)

up after him.



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