Less Elementary 7-6

Lesson 7


Answer the following questions using gerunds and the information provided:

  1. How does she spend her free time? (She goes to museums and bars) She spends her free time going to museums and bars.
  2. What does she avoid doing? (She tries not to eat meat)
  3. What has he stopped doing? (He no longer smokes)
  4. What have they just finished doing? (They’ve just painted their living room.)
  5. How can I improve my English? (It’s a good idea to watch English TV.)
  6. What can’t he stand doing? (He hates books and magazines.)
  7. What makes her happy? (She is happy that she doesn’t work.)
  8. How does she waste time? (She is always surfing the Internet for no reason.)
  9. What is she looking forward to? (She can’t wait to finish college.)


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