Less Elementary 8-2

Lesson 8

Complete the conversations with the affirmative or negative of may or might and a verb from the box.


be                  have              need             rain             return           see

  1. A: Take your umbrella. It

    this afternoon.

B: Really?  I thought it would be sunny.

  1. A: Start dinner without me.  I

    back home before 9:00.

B: That’s ok I’ll wait.

  1. A: Sandy looks upset.

B: She is. She

an operation.

  1. A: I don’t understand him. Why is he borrowing money?

B: He

enough money to pay his bills.

  1. A: Here is a gift.  I

    see you before your birthday.

B: Thank you.

  1. A: Are you going home on Sunday?

B: We’re not sure. We

on Saturday night.


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