Less Intermediate 1-1

Lesson 1

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Verb Tense Review: Use the words in brackets to fill in the blanks and complete this letter.  Make sure to use the correct verb tense and auxiliary verbs (do. have, be, etc.)

Dear Adam,
Hi! Remember me? (Just a joke!) I (write, not) _haven’t written_ to you for at least six months, but that’s not long enough for you to forget me! I think about writing to you often, but I (be, not)

a good correspondent for the last few months. You (hear, not)

from me for such a long time because I (be)

really busy. For the last few months, I (work) 4)

full-time at a shoe store and (go)

to school at the local community college to study business and computers. When I (write)

to you six months ago—last April, I think—I (go)

to university full-time and (study)

  anthropology. A lot  of things (happen)

since then.


At the end of the spring semester last June, my grades (be)

terrible. As a result, I (lose)

my scholarship and my parents’ support. I really (mess)

up when I (get)

those bad grades. When I (show)

my grade report to my parents, they (refuse)

to help me with my living expenses at school anymore. They (feel)

that I was wasting my time and their money, so they (tell)

me to get a job. So last June I (start)

working at a shoe store: Imperial Shoes at Southcenter Mall.  I (work) 19)

there ever since.


Most of the people I meet are nice—and normal.  My favourite customers (be)

people who (know)

what they want when they (enter)

the store. They (come)

in, (point)

at one pair of shoes, politely (tell)

me their size, (try)

the shoes on, and then (buy)

them, just like that. They (agonize, not)

for a long time over which pair to buy.


I (learn)

one important thing about working at the shoe store: I (want, not)

 to sell shoes as a career. I (need)

a good education that (prepare) 32)

me for a job that I can enjoy for the rest of my life.  And even though I love studying anthropology, I (decide)

that a degree in business and computers will provide the best career opportunities.


          Now I (work)

part-time at the shoe store and (go) 35)

to school at the same time. I (want, always)

to be completely independent and self-reliant, and now I (be)

. I (have)

to pay every penny of my tuition and living expenses now.  Ever since I (lose)

my scholarship and (make) 40)

my parents mad, I (be)

completely on my own. I’m glad to report that my grades at present (be)

excellent, and right now I (enjoy)

my work with computers. 

In the future, I (continue)

to take courses in anthropology whenever I can fit them into my schedule, and I (study)

anthropology on my own for the rest of my life, but I (pursue) 46)

a career in business.  Maybe there is some way I can combine anthropology, business, and computers. Who knows?


          There. I (tell)

you everything I can think of that is at all important in my life at the moment. I think I (grow)

up a lot during the last six months. I (understand) 49)

that my education is important.  Losing my scholarship (make) 50)

my life more difficult,  but I (believe) 51)

that I (take, finally) 52)

charge of my life.


          Please write. I’d love to hear from you.
Love, Jessica

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