Less Intermediate 5-2

Lesson 5

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Present perfect vs. the present perfect progressive. Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect pr the present perfect progressive. In some sentences, either form is possible.

1. I’m tired. We (walk) __have been walking_ for more than an hour. Let’s stop and rest for a while.

2. The post office is very close to here. I (walk) _have walked_  there many times.

3. I (live)

for only a short while. I don’t know if I like it yet.

4. I (read)

this chapter in my chemistry text three times, and I still don’t understand it.

5. My eyes are getting tired. I (read)

for two hours. I think I’ll take a break.

6. I like the Royal Hotel. I (stay)

there at least a dozen times. It’s my favourite hotel.

7. The baby (cry)

for almost ten minutes. Is he ok?

8. Mrs. Smith is a very good teacher. She (teach)

for almost twenty years.

9. Ed (play)

tennis for ten years, but he still doesn’t play well.

10. Mr. Alvarez (work)

at the power plant for two years.

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