Less Intermediate 6-2

Lesson 6

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Complete the sentences with already, yet, still, and anymore.

1. It’s 1:00pm. I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten lunch


2. It’s 1:00pm. I’m not hungry. I’ve

eaten lunch.

3. Eric was hungry, so he ate a candy bar a few minutes ago. But he’s

hungry, so he’s going to have another candy bar.

4. I used to eat lunch at the cafeteria every day, but now I bring my lunch to school in a paper bag instead. I don’t eat at the cafeteria


5. I don’t have to study tonight. I’ve

finished all my homework.

6. I started a letter to my parents yesterday, but I haven’t finished it

. I’ll finish it later today and put it in the mail.

7. I started a letter to my parents yesterday. I thought about finishing it last night before I went to bed, but I didn’t.  I

haven’t finished it.

8. A: Is Mary home


B: No, but I’m expecting her soon.

9. A: Is Mary

in class?

B: Yes, she is. Her class doesn’t end until 11:30.

10. A: Has Rob found a new job


B: No. He

works at the bookstore.

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