Less Pre-Intermediate 2-7

Lesson 2

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Simple Present: Read the following paragraph:  Indicate whether the actions in italics are simple present (a daily or usual habit) with an X.

It’s 8:30 am., and the Smiths are in their kitchen. Mrs. Wilson is sitting 1)

at the breakfast table. Shes reading2)

the newspaper. She reads 3)

the newspaper every morning. Mr. Wilson is pouring 4)

his cup of coffee.  He drinks

two cups of coffee every morning before he goes 6)

to work. There is a cartoon on TV. But the children aren’t watching it. They are playing

with their toys instead. They usually watch

cartoons in the morning, but this morning they aren’t paying9)

any attention to the TV. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson aren’t watching10)

TV either. They often watch 11)

the news. In the evening, but they don’t watch 12)


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