Less Pre-Intermediate 7-2

Lesson 7

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Active Vs. Passive

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in parenthesis.

  1. Yesterday out teacher (arrive)

    five minutes late.
  2. Our morning paper (read)

    by over 100,000 people everyday.
  3. Last night my favourite TV program (interrupt)

    by a special news bulletin.
  4. That’s not my coat. It (belong)

    to Louise.
  5. Our mail (deliver)

    before noon.
  6. The “b” in “comb” (pronounce, not)

    . It is silent.
  7. A bad accident (happen)

    on Highway 95 last night.
  8. When I (arrive)

    at the airport yesterday, I (meet)

    my cousin and a couple of friends.
  9. Yesterday I (hear)

    about  about Margaret’s divorce. I (surprise)

    by the news. Janice (shock)

  10. A new house (build)

    next to ours next year.


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