Lesson 8

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Read these sentences and fill in the blanks to describe the subject. Use the verbs from above to make adjectives.

  1. Janie thinks there is a monster in her closet. She is .
  2. Jim and Lisa had a wedding last week. They are .
  3. The store is open until 10pm. It’s 11 o’clock now. The store is now.
  4. Ted likes to give Betty gifts because it pleases her. Today he gave her a necklace. She is very .
  5. Bill is being chased by a very big bear. He might die. He’s .
  6. Billy has not come home. His mother thinks he is in danger.  She is .
  7. Harriet prepares for her tests by studying a lot. She has a test tomorrow. She will be because she is studying now.
  8. It’s cold in here. Carol didn’t shut the door properly. Is it ?
  9. If there are too many people in the train we will have to crowd.  It will be .
  10. Lights and gifts always excite the children. At Christmas they are very .
  11. It is easy to lose your way without a map.  I forgot the map and now we are .
  12. Grammar always bores me.  I am very right now.
  13. We break the windows in the old house for fun. Look! They are all .