Lesson 8

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Please familiarize yourself with the following vocabulary and read the article below.

Fill in the blanks by using the words in parentheses or by giving short answers.
A: (Mary, have) a bicycle?
B: Yes, . She has a ten-speed bike.


A: (it, rain) right now?
B: No, . At least, I (think, not) so.


A: (your friends, write) a lot of emails?
B: Yes, . I (get) lots of emails all the time.


A: (the students, take) a test in class right now?
B: No, .  They (do) an exercise.


A: (the weather, affect) your mood?
B: Yes, . I (get) grumpy when its rainy.


A: (Jean, study) at the library this evening?
B: No, .  She (be) at the recreation center. She (play) pool with her friend.

A: (Jean, play) pool every evening?
B: No, . She usually (study) at the library.

A: (she, be) a good player?
B: Yes, .  She (play) pool a lot.


A: (you, play) pool?
B: Yes, . But I (be, not) very good.