Interactive E-Language 5

$137.25 / month for 3 months with a 14-day free trial


Handles everyday tasks well, but still has difficulties with idiomatic or complex constructions. May attempt longer forms of communication, but expression errors are still a feature.

Starts the first Monday of the month

20 classes per module

LMS and App Access

General skills and abilities obtained at the end of this level

  • Can communicate with difficulties and often request repetitions.
  • Can participate with some effort in routine conversations and can talk about needs and familiar topics of personal relevance.
  • Can use a variety of simple structures and some complex ones, with occasional reductions.


  • Initial Free Assessments
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Online-live Classes
  • Each level length is 12 weeks
  • Max 12 students per class
  • Twenty online-live lessons per month
  • Access to Online Platform 24/7 (Third Party LMS)
  • Access to an App
  • Additional Tools