Interactive E-Language 6

$148.75 / month for 3 months with a 14-day free trial


Demonstrates adequate performance with moderately complex expression and comprehension. Uses more intricate phrasing with clarifying detail to effect efficient communication although some errors in diction has some awkward expressions. Some difficulty in organization and structure and grammar are evident.

Moderate to satisfactory fluency but still.

Starts the first Monday of the month

20 classes per module

LMS and App Access

General skills and abilities obtained at the end of this level

  • Can use the phone to communicate simple personal information.
  • Demonstrate discourse that is connected and reasonably fluent, but hesitations and pauses are frequent.
  • Can understand a range of common vocabulary and a very limited number of idioms.
  • Can follow many common everyday instructions and directions related to the immediate context.


  • Initial Free Assessments
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Online-live Classes
  • Each level length is 12 weeks
  • Max 12 students per class
  • Twenty online-live lessons per month
  • Access to Online Platform 24/7 (Third Party LMS)
  • Access to an App
  • Additional Tools


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