Less Pre-Intermediate 6-4

Lesson 6

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Read these sentences.  Underline the verb and indicate if they are transitive (v.t.) or intransitive (v.i.). Change the sentence to passive if possible.

Jack walked to school.
_(v.i) No change___________________________

Sara broke the window.
_(v.t)The window was broken by Sara. _________

  1. We stayed in a hotel.
  1. The leaves fell to the ground.
  1. I slept at my friend?s house.
  1. An accident happened on my street.
  1. Many people saw the accident.
  1. Witches only exist in books.
  1. Many people died during the war.
  1. Scientists will discover the cure for cancer someday.
  1. Did the Mexicans invent the guitar?


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