Less Elementary 9-2

Lesson 9

Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses. Use the present perfect or the simple past.

  1. A: Have you ever been in Europe? B: Yes, I _have_.  I  (be)_have been_ in Europe several times.  In fact, I  (be)_was_ in Europe last year.
  2. A: Are you going to finish your work before you go to bed? B: I (finish)

    it already.  I (finish)

    my work two hours ago.
  3. A: Have you ever eaten at Al’s Steak House?B: Yes, I

    . I (eat)

    there many times. In fact, my wife and I (eat)

    there last night.
  4. A: Do you and Erica want to go to the movie at the Palace Theatre with us tonight?B: No thanks. We (see)

    it already. We

    it last week.
  5. A: When are you going to write your report for Mr.Goldberg?B: I (write)

    it already.  I  (write)

    it two days ago and gave it to him.
  6. A: (Antonio, have)

    a job?B: Yes, he

    . He (have)

    lots of part-time jobs. Last summer he (have)

    a job at his uncle’s waterbed.
  7. A: This is a good book. Would you like to read it when I’m finished?B: Thanks, but I (read)

    it already. I (read)

    it a couple months ago.
  8. A: What European countries (you, visit)

    ?B: I (visit)

    Hungary, Germany, and Switzerland. I (visit)

    Hungary in 1998. I (be)

    in Germany and Switzerland in 2001.


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