Less Elementary 8-5

Lesson 8

Complete the phone conversations. Use may I, could I, or can I, with a verb from the box.


help         leave          speak          talk          take

  1. A: Hello?

B: Hello. Is Ahmed there?
A: Yes, he is.

to him?
A: Just a minute. I’ll get him.

  1. A: Hello. Mr. Black’s office.


to Mr. Black?
A: May I ask who is calling?
B: Susan Abbot.
A: Just a moment.

  1. A: Hello?

B; Hi. This is Bob.

to Pedro?
A: Sure, hang on.

  1. A: good afternoon. Dr. Wu’s office


B: Yes. I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Wu.
A: Fine, Is Friday morning at ten all right?
B: Yes. Thankyou.

  1. A: Hello?

B: Hello,

  to Emily?
A: She’s not at home.

a message?
B: No thanks. I’ll call later.

  1. A: Hello?

B: Hello.

to Maria?
A: She’s not here right now.
B: Oh.

a message?
A: Certainly. Just a minute. I need a pen.

  1. A: Hello?

B: Hello.

to Jack?
A: Who?
B: Jack Butler.
A: I think you have the wrong number.
B: Oh. I’m sorry.
A: No problem.  Bye.

B: Thankyou, bye.


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