Less Pre-Intermediate 1-1

Lesson 1

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Read this example dialogue to understand Future Progressive:
On the telephone:
Angie:               Hi John, it’s Angie.  How are you?
John:         I’m fine, Angie.    How are you?
Angie:       I need some help with my homework. Are you going to be doing a lot tonight? I can come and meet you somewhere.
John:         Well yes, I have a lot to do tonight. I have a very tight schedule. I will be running around everywhere.
Angie:       What will you be doing around 7pm?
John:         I will be helping Jeff move to a new apartment.
Angie:       What about 5:30?
John:         I will be eating dinner with my parents.
Angie:       Will you be studying at all tonight?
John:         Yes, I will be studying in the library at 10pm.
Angie:       Ok. I will come and find you around 10 o’clock.
John:         That’s fine.  I am probably going to be sitting in the literature section.
Angie:       Thankyou John!


Answer these questions about the dialogues.
Use future progressive:


1.What time will John be helping his friend move?

2.What time will John be eating dinner with his parents?

3.What time will Angie be looking for John in the library?


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