Lesson 6

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Present Progressive VS  Present Simple

Complete these sentences using either Present progressive or Present Simple.
Example: Shhh! The baby (sleep) _is sleeping_. The baby (sleep) _sleeps_ for ten hours every night.

1. Right now I’m in class. I (sit) at my desk. I usually (sit) at the same desk in class everyday.

2. Ali (speak) Arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he (speak) English.

3. A: Oscar usually (walk) to work. (walk, you) every day too?

4. Yes, I (walk) to work with Oscar.

5. Who is that man (walk) out of the bakery right now?

6. A: Are these flowers a gift, sir?

B: Yes, I (buy) these flowers for my wife. I always (buy) her flowers on Friday.

7. A: Look out the window. (it, rain) ? Should I take my umbrella?

B: It (start) to sprinkle. I think you should.

8. A: (it, rain)  a lot in southern California?

B: No, the weather (be) usually warm and sunny.