Less Pre-Intermediate 7-5

Lesson 7

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Use the verbs in the box to complete the dialogue below. You can use them more than once.

be             belong              cost             have               like             prefer             do


Q: _Does_ it _cost_ a lot to visit Bora Bora?
A: Yes. Bora Bora is the second most expensive place to visit. Japan is the most expensive.  Everything

a lot.

Bora Bora

a tropical climate?
A: Yes, it does. It

two seasons: the wet season and the dry one.
Q: there a lot of mosquitoes?
A: During the wet season, there

Q: What can I do in Bora Bora that’s different from in other places?
A: It depends on what you like. If you

swimming, there’s the lagoonarium.  There you can swim with turtles, dolphins, sharks, and tropical fish.  If you

to see a show, you can see traditional dancers.
Q: Is Bora Bora a country?
A: No it’s not. It

to France. It’s part of French Polynesia.

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