Less Pre-Intermediate 7-6

Lesson 7

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Present and Progressive Form

Write sentences with the words in parentheses. Use present progressive or simple present form of the verbs.

  1. A: Whose camera are you using?

B: Mine. _This camera belongs to me._

  1. A: What are you doing?

B: Nothing much.



  1. A: Does he need help?

B: Yes, he does.


  1. A: Do you have any information about French Polynesia?


We can lend it to you.
(about French Polynesia/We/ a guidebook/ have)

  1. A: Are they here?

B: Yes, Hurry!

(They/us/wait for)

  1. A: What do you want to do?


water looks warm.
(want/to go/ to the beach/ I)

  1. A: Where are you?

B: I’m at the store. 

(look/I /for a swimsuit)

  1. A: Is that Mario?

B: I don’t know.

(his name/I/remember/don’t)

  1. A: What are you doing?



  1. A: How is it?


(It/ delicious/ taste)

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