Lesson 3

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Positive Sentences in Past Perfect Simple
Write the verbs in Past Perfect Simple.

Example: Last week I visited the school where I (go) _had gone_ to University.

1.The pupils talked about the film they (watch) .

2.I was late for work because I (miss) the bus.

3.We lived in the house that my father (build) .

4.We admired the picture that Lucy (paint) .

5.They watered the trees that they (plant) .

6.The teacher corrected the tests that the pupils (write) .

7.I received a good mark in my test because I (practise) .

8.The mail order house did not send me the shirt that I (order) .

9.I had to clean the floor because my cats (knock) over the flower pots.

10.My friend was in hospital because she (slip) on a banana skin.