Less Pre-Intermediate 3-3

Lesson 3

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Positive Sentences in Past Perfect Simple
Write the verbs in Past Perfect Simple.

Example: Last week I visited the school where I (go) _had gone_ to University.

1.The pupils talked about the film they (watch)


2.I was late for work because I (miss)

the bus.

3.We lived in the house that my father (build)


4.We admired the picture that Lucy (paint)


5.They watered the trees that they (plant)


6.The teacher corrected the tests that the pupils (write)


7.I received a good mark in my test because I (practise)


8.The mail order house did not send me the shirt that I (order)


9.I had to clean the floor because my cats (knock)

over the flower pots.

10.My friend was in hospital because she (slip)

on a banana skin.


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