Lesson 7

B. Gerund or Infinitive?

Dear Judy

Thanks for your letter. I enjoyed 1) (read) about your holidays in Australia. Like you I am keen on (travel) abroad.

Last winter my family and I went to Austria for a winter holiday. As soon as we got there we managed (find) a good ski instructor and we learned (ski) in just a few days. It was brilliant. Our accommodation was also fantastic. Imagine 5) (stay) in a cabin beside a beautiful lake. Of course there was nothing to do at night but I didn’t mind (go) to sleep early. I was exhausted after (ski) all day.

My parents and I are planning 8) (visit) Germany last year. Would you like 9) (join) us? We would be very happy if you could come with us?

I am looking forward to 10) (hear) from you soon.


Love, Cathy